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April 2014 – NEW! Introducing the New BMU Series Brushless DC Motor Speed Control System

NEW! - Easy to Use - Brushless DC Motor Speed Control System, BMU Series0.72° Stepper Motor and Driver Packages with Built-in Controller (Stored Data) Type and Pulse Input Type - RKII Series

Introducing the evolution in easy to use, speed control solutions from Oriental Motor. The BMU Series is our newest generation brushless DC motor and driver package, offering more speed, more torque at a lower cost. The BMU Series is drawing attention from traditional servo and three-phase motor inverter users with it’s performance and value. The driver and motor are all new and provide the most utilized and requested features in a simple to use speed control package.

BMU SeriesThe BMU Series was designed to meet tight budget demands without the sacrifice of performance. With up to 4,000 r/min, the BMU Series is capable of offering servo speed control performance for a fraction of the price. Combine it with a gearhead, the BMU Series can produce up to 260 lb-in (30 N-m) of torque, saving space when compared to AC three-phase motor and inverter solutions. Because it is a brushless motor, there is no maintenance required, addressing a common concern for brush motors.

  • AC Input (single-phase or three-phase)
  • 30 W (1/25 HP), 60 W (1/12 HP) and 120 W (1/6 HP) motors
  • Gear ratios: 5 ~ 200: 1
  • Simple wiring, simple dial control
  • Digital Display

Starting from $259.25

Learn more about the BMU Series online


1.8° & 0.9° PKP Series High-Torque Bipolar Stepper Motor & 1.8° Geared type

With over 400 new bipolar stepper motors now available, Oriental Motor is making it easy to get more torque and with our new Spur gear (SH type), pre-assembled the PKP Series is capable of addressing a wide range of performance requirements.

  • 1.8° or 0.9° step angles
  • Bipolar (4 lead wires) over 400 new types
  • 1.2~1.7 times more torque than our previous conventional types
  • Geared bipolar types (pre-assembled)

The PKP series is a 1.8° or 0.9° high-torque type stepper motor providing significantly more torque than our PK Series stepper motors. The new PKP series provide higher torque allowing for smoother performance, less heat and space saving (by downsizing frame sizes). 5 frame sizes are available from 20 mm (0.79 in.) up to 56.4/60mm (2.22/2.36 in) are offered. Learn More.

Starting from $38.25

Learn more about the PKP advantages online



Motor Selection Seminar

V Cube

April 15, 2014
10:30 AM CST and 3:00 PM CST

In this course we cover theory of speed control methods such as: AC Inverter technology, Triac Control, Brushed Motor and Brushless DC motor (BLDC) technology.

For additional training, please contact us at:


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Oriental Motor Company Digest CatalogNEW! - Oriental Motor Company Digest Catalog featuring simple overviews and product comparisons for easy indentification of key features.

Oriental Motor Company Digest CatalogNEW! - BMU Series

The new BMU Series Brushless DC Motor Speed Control System offers easy speed control and features.

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Improving Speed Control with Ease, Cost in Mind

Q: I'm currently using inverters to drive my 3-phase AC motors for my food conveyors, and I'm looking to upgrade my conveyors with closed-loop feedback, faster speeds, and better speed regulation. I'm looking to close the speed loop back to my PLC for monitoring. I've had experience with servo motors, but they are too expensive and difficult to set up. I only need something that can run up to 4000 RPM. I would also like for the motor to generate some holding torque when stopped. Do you offer anything that provides better performance than an inverter-driven AC motor, but easier to control than a servo system?

A: In addition to our popular AC motor and stepper motor products, Oriental Motor also offers brushless motor systems that may also meet your application requirements. All of our brushless motor systems feature built-in closed-loop feedback with either encoders or hall-effect sensors. With our continuous speed correction, we can offer speed regulation at up to +/-0.05% compared to +/-15% for inverter-driven AC motors. Brushless motors also offer a wider speed range than inverter-driven AC motors. For example, we can offer a wide speed ratio (min/max speed) of 1:50 (80:4000 RPM) from our newly released BMU series. We can even offer a wider speed ratio of 1:1000 (3:3000 RPM) from our BX series. By comparison, inverter-driven AC motor systems can only offer up to 1:12 (200:2400 RPM).

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