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  February 2013 - The Latest News from Oriental Motor

NEW! - Network Products FLEX

Announcing the introduction of Network Products from Oriental Motor, meaning our drivers now offer a built-in controller (stored data) type and can connect to various master controllers. To easily identify our network Built-in Controller (stored data) products, each group is labeled with our name FLEX, meaning each product is equipped with an interface that connects to various master controllers. FLEX also offers the flexibility of motor choices and control types with FLEX products available for positioning control, speed control and rotary actuator applications.

FLEX products are used for Factory Automation (FA) network control via I/O control, Modbus (RTU) control, or with a network converter. FLEX products, which have a degree of freedom for selecting master control systems, not only accommodates various design ideas, but also reduces labor, costs and enables easy connection, easy control, and reduces the complexity of system configuration. Visit our web site to learn more about the FLEX product advantages. Learn more

FLEX Network Products

Upcoming Training: March 19, 2013
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High-Efficiency AR Series with Built-in Controller (Stored Data)

NEW! – Our popular High-Efficiency AR Series is now available with a built-in controller (stored data) type and is part of our FLEXnetwork products. The AR Series utilizes Oriental Motor's unique closed loop control along with lower heat generation for continuous duty. With the addition of the built-in controller (stored data) type, the built-in pulse generator allows the motor to be driven by connection to a PLC or other devices. The burden on the programmable PLC or touch screen (HMI) is reduced because the information necessary for motor operation is built into the driver. This simplifies the system configuration for multi-axis control.

AR Series products are available in many frame sizes, geared and brake motor options along with AC input or DC input drivers. A 3m (9.8 ft.) cable comes standard. Available to ship in one week.

Click here to learn more about AC Input AR Series.
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AR Series with Built-in Controller (Stored Data)



DGII Series Rotary Actuator

NEW – The DGII Series now is available, replacing our original DG Series rotary actuator and is part of our FLEXnetwork products. New is the addition of the High-Efficiency AR Series motor along with all the advantages of the built-in controller (stored data) type driver. High accuracy positioning can be performed while keeping the user-friendly features intact. The DG II Series offers either a built-in controller (stored data) type version or a pulse input type driver. Both come with a 3m (9.8 ft.) cable included. The DG II Series also offers new, attractive pricing making the DG II Series even more easy to use. Available in 60 mm (2.36 in.) up to 200 mm (7.87 in.) frame size with a maximum torque of 50 N·m and able to handle up to 400 N (900 lb) of permissible thrust load.

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Centrifugal Blowers

Universal Controller, SCX11

NEW – The SCX11 Universal Controller is a powerful single axis motion controller and is a direct replacement for our SCX10 controller. Wiring is now simple with easy to connect Phoenix Contact connectors. Up to 100 sequence programs can be stored and with its "Immediate Motion Creator" GUI software (included) and USB connectivity, creating motion in minutes is easy. Various interfaces are available from I/O, RS-232C and CANOpen communications. The SCX11 also has a new low price of $349.00 and is available for same day shipment.

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Centrifugal Blowers

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Below is this month's "Question of the Month"

Cost Savings with Network Products

Q: We currently have a 3-axis controller with 3 servo motors and drivers in my machine. We are designing a new machine to increase the throughput by 4 times. Since keeping a compact design is also critical, I can only add 3 more axes to achieve 4 times the throughput. Therefore I will need to reduce the positioning time in half. Each motion will only require just a few revolutions on the motor. All axes are belt-pulley systems and they move independently. Can you suggest some products capable of such quick move and high duty cycle? Also, I am considering using network to achieve multi axes control. What are the benefits of using network compared to a 6-axis controller?

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