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Looking for Motors with IP Rating?

Oriental Motor offers a wide variety of products that can be used in wet and/or dusty environments.

Mechanical Absolute Encoder Stepper Motor and Driver - AZ Series
Tuning-Free Servo Motor and Driver - NX Series
1 AC Input AZ Series motor only. Excluding installation surface and connector locations.
2 NX Series motor only. Excluding installation surface and connector locations.
Brushless DC Motor BMU Series with JH Right-Angle Hollow Shaft Hypoid JH Gear
IP66 Protection
Three-Phase AC Induction Motors Terminal Box Type - KIIS Series
Washdown AC Gear Motors - FPW Series

Splash Proof Axial Fans - MDP Series
Enclosure Fans - Dust and Water Resistant Type

What is IP Rating?


Question: Can you explain the IP rating to me as well as differences in protection between your numerous IP rated products?

Answer: IP means "ingress protection" against dust and water. The dust resistance and waterproofing degrees of protection for equipment are classified according to EN 60529....
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