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  September 2013 – NEW! Introducing the New Standard in AC motors, the KII Series

NEW! - Our New Global Standard in AC Motors, the KII Series

KII Series AC MotorsTwice the Torque at a 26% Lower Price

Introducing our new global standard AC motor, the KII Series, equipped with a high performance gearhead which produces twice the torque of our World K Series motor at a 26% lower cost. The KII Series is our new standard in geared AC motors and is now available in imperial and metric sizes. By listening to our customers’ needs, we have created the next generation AC motor that offers higher strength gears that maximize motor performance and ease of use wiring and mounting. The KII Series is also our most competitively priced geared AC motor product.

The Performance Has Changed

The KII Series offers twice the maximum permissible torque, high strength (more than twice than that of our World K Series), long life (10,000 hours), quieter operation (6dB decrease) and high gear ratio (up to 360:1 for 6W~25 W). The KII Series is also available as a Combination Type where the motor and the gearhead are mated at the factory, removing the need for customers to assemble.

The Performance Has Changed

The new Terminal Box Type features a new style terminal box that provides ingress protection ratings of IP65 and IP54 (IP65 for 6 W~40 W and IP54 for 60W~90 W), while allowing easy access through the top without taking apart the terminal box. Along with this, the terminal box can be rotated to suit the best installation requirements.

Additionally, the KII Series has a tapped output shaft with key that allows the load to be more firmly attached to the shaft.

The KII Series is available as a Single Phase, Combination Type, Induction motor with lead wires or terminal box connection type with UL and CE approvals and available from 6 W (1/125 HP) to 90 W (1/8 HP) power output configurations.

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Self Correcting Rotary/Linear Actuator Systems and Technology Seminar

V Cube

September 17, 2013
10:30 AM CST and 3:00 PM CST

This seminar will include the structure, product functions and demonstrations of our rotary and motorized linear actuator products.

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KII Series AC Motor CatalogNEW! - KII Series AC Motors Product Brochure

The new KII Series offer twice the Torque with 26% savings compared to our World K Series, now available in Imperial or Metric Output Shafts.

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2012-2013 General CatalogGeneral Catalog + New Products

Get the latest new product literature along with our current general catalog and Price Book.

  • Over 1,500 pages of Motion Control products and technical information & product updates

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AC Motors

Three-Phase AC Motors for Use with Third Party Inverters

Oriental Motor offers a wide range of Three-Phase AC motors that can be paired with compatible third-party inverters, such as Allen Bradley, Lenze AC Tech, KB Electronics, Yaskawa and Mitsubishi.

Lead wire, terminal box, conduit box types or washdown geared AC motors are available from 6 W (1/125 HP) up to 200 W (1/4 HP).

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Three-Phase AC Motors for Use with Third Party Inverters

Network FLEX

NETC01-ECT: New Lower Pricing for EtherCAT Compatible Network Converter

Our EtherCAT network converter NETC01-ECT is now available with our new value pricing. The NETC01-ECT network converter is a device that converts communications from an EtherCAT protocol to RS-485 protocol and supports our built-in controller (stored data) type motor and driver packages. By using the NETC01-ECT network converter, Oriental Motor’s entire FLEX compatible products (stored data drivers) can be controlled within an EtherCAT communications environment.

  • NETC01-ECT: $208.25*

* Web pricing

New reduced price includes the NETC01-ECT network converter, RS-485 communication cable, power supply connector and operating manual.

Learn more about the NETC01-ECT
Learn more about Oriental Motor's FLEX network products

NETC01-ECT: EtherCAT network converter

Oriental Motor Can-Do! Ask an Oriental Motor Engineer a Question: We're Here to Help!

Oriental Motor's Engineering Team is just a click away. Send your motion control questions to Oriental Motor's engineers and we'll publish their response on our Motion Control Forum.

Below is this month's "Question of the Month"

How do I synchronize multiple motors / What products do I use?

Q: I am working on a bottling and labelling application. We are using two DC motors to run a dual belt conveyor. The dual belts carry the bottle through a coding station and it is critical that the speed of the belts match because if one belt is going faster (or slower) the bottle will rotate and it will cause an error. Right now, my DC motor speeds are not synchronizing well enough, so I'm looking for other options. What do you have to offer for my requirements, and how can I achieve this?

A: With regards to Ethercat protocol, we'll need a FLEX, Modbus/RS-485 network compatible product plus a Ethercat converter which converts Ethercat protocol to RS-485 protocol. "FLEX" products are products that accept Modbus/RS-485 communication as well as stored data capabilities.

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