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Splash Proof DC Input Axial Fans


Splash Proof Axial FansMDP Series Splash Proof Axial Fans

The MDP Series axial fans conform to the IP55 rating under the IEC Standards and can be used in locations that are splashed with water. It comes with a stop sensor that outputs a signal when the fan stops.

  • IP55: Protection from jet water from all directions:
    3.3 gal/min (12.5 L/min), 120 inH2O (30 kPa) jet water from all directions from a distance of 9.8 ft. (3 m) for 3 minutes

The MDP Series is available in frame sizes from 3.15 in. (80 mm) up to 4.69 in. (119 mm).

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Axial Fans

Axial fans use a propeller to generate airflow in the direction of the axis of rotation. Capable of generating a large air flow, axial fans are suited for applications requiring ventilation cooling.

Axial Fans

Stall Alarm Type

If a cooling fan is left stopped, the internal temperature increases which has an effect on the equipment. The Stall Alarm type fans output an alarm when the fan stops. This allows quick detection of defective stops to allow the cooling fan to be replaced.

Stall Alarm

Device Ventilation and Cooling

The large airflow of axial fans is suitable for ventilation and cooling inside electronic devices.


Thermostat Available for Energy Saving

ThermostatThermostats (sold separately) make it possible for fans to operate only when cooling is necessary. Thermostats provide energy-saving by automatically stopping fans for example, at night, when the amount of heat generation declines following the load rate's decline in equipment, or in winter, when the ambient temperature drops and forced cooling is not necessary.


Product Lineup


Power Supply


Max Air

Max Static

3.15 in.
(80 mm)

24 VDC

Stall Alarm - Electronic

36.4 CFM
(1.03 m3/min)

0.142 inH2O
(35.3 Pa)

3.62 in.
(92 mm)

24 VDC

51.2 CFM
(1.45 m3/min)

0.176 inH2O
(44 Pa)

4.69 in.
(119 mm)

24 VDC 98.8 CFM
(2.8 m3/min)
0.282 inH2O
(70.4 Pa)

View Products - View all available part numbers in the MDP Series


System Configuration

Stainless Steel Finger Guard

Finger Guard

Finger guards prevent fingers or foreign objects from entering the fan. Finger guards are mounted to the fan frame using bolts.


Fan Model Finger Guard
MDP1238 FG12S



Thermostats automatically perform ON/OFF fan control in accordance with the temperature fluctuation inside the equipment. It helps improve the equipment's "environmental" performance relative to energy savings, noise reduction, etc.

Type Model
Fahrenheit (°F) AM2-WA1
Centigrade (°C) AM2-XA1

Fan Kits

Fan KitVarious accessories will help you improve the safety and utility of fans. We recommend our fan kits, which combine the fan and necessary accessories in a convenient package.

Includes Fan, Mounting Screws, Finger Guard.



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