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Short Range Servo Motor and AC Input Pulse Input Driver Package


AR Series

Short Range Servo Motor and Driver Packages - High-Efficiency AR Series (Pulse Input)

The AR series substantially reduces heat generation from the servo motor through the use of high-efficiency technology. In addition to implementing the closed loop control based on Oriental Motor's original AlphaStep technology, the AR Series also achieves up to 40% less power consumption, low vibration, improved angle accuracy and is capable of driving large inertia loads. There is no hunting or gain tuning.

The AR Series features frame sizes from 1.65 in. (42mm) up to 3.54 in. (90mm) available with a wide range of gear options and electromagnetic brake. The driver for the AR Series is available in three power supply voltages; Single-Phase 100-115 VAC, Single-Phase 200-230 VAC and Three-Phase 200-230 VAC. All packages include a 9.8 ft. (3 m) motor cable.

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Closed Loop Performance


The AR Series uses Oriental Motor's closed loop control to maintain positioning operation even during abrupt load fluctuations and accelerations. The rotor position detection sensor monitors the rotation. When an overload condition is detected, the AR Series will instantaneously regain control using the closed loop mode. When an overload condition continues, the AR Series will output an alarm signal, thereby providing reliability equal to that of a servo motor. Learn more about the AlphaStep technology.

Continuous Operation

The AR Series can be operated at high duty cycles allowing the servo motor to run continuously.

Continuous Duty

Note: If the motor is operated continuously, a heat sink of a capacity at least equivalent to an aluminum plate with a size of 250 x 250mm*, 6mm thick is required.

*For AC input, 100 x 100mm for DC input type.

Sensorless Homing

The AR series features extended functions not normally offered on conventional servo motors. Using the TLC output on the AR, we can sense a preset torque setting range or perform a torque control function. Learn More.


Built-in Controller Package (Stored Data) Also Available

AR Series FLEX

The AR Series Stepper Motors with built in controller is a compact, space saving servo motor and driver package with a stored data controller built-in. The burden on the programmable PLC is reduced because the information necessary for motor operations is built into the driver. This simplifies the system configuration for multi-axis control. Set with control module (sold separately), data setting software or RS-485 communication.

Low Vibration

In addition to the microstep drive system, the AR Series also uses the smooth drive function to allow for smoother motion. The smooth drive function automatically implements microstep drive based on the same travel amount and speed used in the full-step mode, without changing the pulse input settings.

Lower Vibration

Lower Heat Generation

The AR Series utilizes high-efficiency technology to achieve a significant reduction in the amount of heat generated from the servo motor.

The servo motor generates significantly less heat than the conventional model as seen in the thermography results below.

Heat Generation Comparison

The graph below shows the difference in temperature of the servo motor case over the same period of time under the same operating conditions.

Motor Case Temperature


Power consumption: up to 40% less than our conventional models.

Power Consumption

CO2 emission: up to 40% less than our conventional model (assuming operation at a duty of 40%).

Performance of a Stepper Motor

The AR Series maintains all of the benefits of a servo motor.

High Response

The motor operates synchronously with pulse commands to achieve high response. There's no delay in operation following a pulse command.

High Response

Capable of Driving Large Inertia Loads

Compared to a servo motor of the same frame size, a larger inertial load can be driven regardless of speed conditions.

Large Inertia Loads

No Hunting / No Tuning

Because it uses a servo motor, the AR Series does not hunt when stopped. Accordingly, the AR Series is ideal for applications where the equipment uses a belt-drive mechanism or otherwise has low rigidity and you don't want it to vibrate when stopping.

With the AR Series, you can perform positioning quickly after a load change, etc., without adjusting any gains.

No Hunting / No Tuning

Improved Angle Accuracy

The AR Series uses improved current control technology to improve the stop position accuracy of the servo motor. The result is greater position accuracy.
AR66AC-3: ±3 arc minutes
Conventional Model: ±5 arc minutes

Angle Accuracy

Features of the AR Series AC Input Type

Automatically Controlled Electromagnetic Brake
A separate circuit is not needed to control the electromagnetic brake. The electromagnetic brake is released when the motor is excited (=current ON input is turned ON), and activated to hold the load in position when the excitation is cut off (=the current ON input is turned OFF).

Electromagnetic Brake

Separation of Main Power and Control Power
The control power-input terminals are provided separately from the main power terminals. This means that even when the main power is cut off due to an emergency stop, etc., you can still detect current position and check information on each alarm, etc., as long as the power (24 VDC) is supplied to the control power-input terminals.


Major Safety Standards
The AR Series is recognized by the UL/CSA Standards and bears the CE Mark as proof of conformance to the Low Voltage and EMC Directives.

Complying with the Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility Standard "SEMI F47"
The AR Series complies with the SEMI Standard on power supply voltage drop, and accordingly this motor can be used effectively in semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses. The customer is advised to always evaluate the servo motor on the actual equipment.

Motor Protection Degree: IP54*

The motor complies with the requirements of protection degree IP54* (except for the motor mounting surface and connectors). This means that the enclosure prevents intrusion of dust that can otherwise inhibit normal operation.
*Excluding double shaft models.

Extended FunctionsExtended Functions

You can combine a control module (OPX-2A) (sold separately) or data setting software* (MEXE02) both to change parameters, add functions and perform various monitoring operations according to the needs of your system.

*Cable for connection to PC required for MEXE02 data setting software (sold separately**- see Accessories).

**One FREE CC05IF-USB communications cable is available per customer, contact Technical Support for more information.

Return Operation

Two return operation functions are available: return to electrical home operation and automatic return operation. With these options, you can easily set up your system to return home when the main power has been cut off due to an emergency stop, etc., or the motor excitation has been turned off.
While the main power is cut off, the control power (24 VDC) must be supplied in order to maintain positioning.

Return to Electrical Home Operation
An operation in which the motor returns to the "position it had assumed when the power was turned on (=electrical home)" or "location set as the electrical home".

Return Home

Automatic Return Operation
An operation in which the motor returns to the "position at which motor excitation was turned off (= the C-ON input turned OFF or FREE input turned ON)."

Automatic Return

Push-Motion Operation

You can input pulses to perform push-motion operation where the load continuously has force applied to it. The amount of force (motor output torque) is set by the push-motion operating current value. Using a control module (OPX-2A) or data setting software (MEXE02) (both sold separately), change the applicable parameter to "Push-motion operation" turn the T-MODE input ON, and input pulses. The motor will start the push-motion operation.

Push-Motion Operation


Product Lineup

Select your package based on the Driver Power Supply.

Motor and driver package includes 3 m (9.8 ft.) motor cable. Different lengths and flexible cables are available separately.

Select Motor Frame Size / Driver Power Supply below.
Type Features Motor
Frame Size
Driver Power Supply (VAC)
Max. Holding


Electromagnetic Brake

Round Shaft
Stepper Motor

• Basic model of the AR Series

1.65 in.
(42 mm)
42 oz-in
(0.3 N·m)
2.36 in.
(60 mm)
142 ~ 280 oz-in
(1 ~ 2 N·m)
3.35 in.
(85 mm)
280 ~ 560 oz-in
(2 ~ 4 N·m)
Type Features Motor
Frame Size
Driver Power Supply (VAC)
Max. Holding


Electromagnetic Brake

Low backlash TH Geared
Taper Hobbed Gear
(TH Gear)

• A wide variety of low gear ratios, high-speed operation
• Gear ratios: 3.6:1, 7.2:1, 10:1, 20:1, 30:1
• Backlash: 10 ~ 45 arc minute (0.167° ~ 0.75°)

1.65 in.
(42 mm)
3 ~ 13.2 lb-in
(0.35 ~ 1.5 N·m)
2.36 in.
(60 mm)
11 ~ 35 lb-in
(1.25 ~ 4 N·m)
3.54 in.
(90 mm)
39 ~ 106 lb-in
(4.5 ~ 12 N·m)
Planetary Gear
(PS Gear)

A geared servo motor achieving superior performance with high permissible torque / maximum torque, high resolution, low backlash with center shaft.

• Gear ratios: 5:1, 7.2:1, 10:1, 25:1, 36:1 and 50:1
• Backlash: 7 ~ 15 arc minute (0.117° ~ 0.25°)

1.65 in.
(42 mm)
8.8 ~ 26 lb-in
(1 ~ 3 N·m)
2.36 in.
(60 mm)
30 ~ 70 lb-in
(3.5 ~ 8  N·m)
3.54 in.
(90 mm)
88 ~ 320 lb-in
(10 ~ 37 N·m)
Non-backlash PN Geared
(PN Gear)

High positioning accuracy, high permissible torque / maximum torque, high resolution, non backlash with center shaft.
• Backlash 2 ~ 3 arc minute (0.034° ~ 0.05°)
• Gear ratios: 5:1, 7.2:1, 10:1, 25:1, 36:1, 50:1

1.65 in.
(42 mm)
11.9 ~ 13.2 lb-in
(1.35 ~ 1.5 N·m)
2.36 in.
(60 mm)
30 ~ 70 lb-in
(3.5 ~ 8 N·m)
3.54 in.
(90 mm)
88 ~ 320 lb-in
(10 ~ 37 N·m)
HG Geared
(HG Gear)

• High positioning accuracy, high permissible torque / maximum torque, high gear ratio, high resolution with center shaft.
• Non Backlash
• Gear Ratios: 50:1, 100:1
• Backlash: 0 arc minute

1.65 in.
(42 mm)
30 ~ 44 lb-in
(3.5 ~ 5 N·m)
2.36 in.
(60 mm)
48 ~ 70 lb-in
(5.5 ~ 8 N·m)
3.54 in.
(90 mm)
220 ~ 320 lb-in
(25 ~ 37 N·m)


View Products = View all available part numbers for AR Series Stepper Motor and Driver Systems

System Configuration

Build a complete system online by selecting your base motor and driver and adding all necessary accessories and/or controller.

Build a System

Control Options

Using either the optional control module or data setting software you can change parameters, add functions and perform various monitoring operations according to the needs of your system. (See Extended Functions)

Control Module (OPX-2A)


Cable for Data Setting Software (CC05IF-USB)

Cable for Data Setting Software

This communication cable is required for connecting to the
computer on which the data setting software is installed.

*One FREE CC05IF-USB communications cable is available per customer, contact Technical Support for more information.

MEXE02 Data Setting Software

Cables / Connectors

Motor Connection / Extension Cables

The AR Series includes a 9.8 ft. (3m) cable for connecting the motor and driver. If a different length is needed a Motor Cable or Extension Cable must be used.

Standard Type

Motor Cables Motor Cables

Electromagnetic Brake Type

Brake CablesBrake Extension Cables

Driver Cable

This is a shielded cable equipped with a half-pitch connector at one end of the cable that snaps onto the driver. The other end is laminated lead wires aligned in order at a pitch of 0.05 in. (1.27 mm), which is convenient for insulation displacement connectors.

Driver Cable


Couplings / Brackets

Flexible Couplings

This three-piece coupling adopts an aluminum alloy hub and a resin spider. The simple construction ensures that the high torque generated by a gear motor can be transmitted reliably. The proper elasticity of the spider suppresses motor vibration.


Motor Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are convenient for installation and securing a servo motor or geared servo motor.

Mounting Bracket


Controllers are devices that output pulse signals needed to operate a servo motor. Controllers let you make various settings to control your motor and also permit connection with a host programmable controller and sensors or PC. Select a controller that best suits your system.

SCX11 - Universal Stored Program Stepper Motor Controller (Single Axis)


SG8030J - Universal Stored Data Stepper Motor Controller (Single Axis)




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