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AC Motors & Gear Motors

Constant Speed AC Motors & Gear Motors

AC motors & gear motors operate by simply connecting a capacitor and supplying AC power from a commercial power supply. Oriental Motor offers a wide range of AC motor types to meet specific application requirements.

Available from 1/125 HP (6 W) up to 3 HP in Single-Phase and Three-Phase VAC.

AC Motor Types


Speed Control AC Motor & Gear Motor

  • Motor & Controller Packages for Guaranteed Performance
  • Three-Phase Motor only for use with Third-Party Inverters
Packages from
Available to Ship:
9 Business Days

NEMA 56C Speed Reducers

  • NEMA 56C Gear Reducers for 1/2 HP and 1 HP motors.
    • Inline Helical Gear Speed Reducers
    • Right-Angle Hypoid Gear Speed Reducers
Gear Reducers

Positioning with an AC Gear Motor

  • Use brake options to provide positioning when used with an AC motor
  • 6 W to 90 W
Brake Pack
$102.85 + Motor
Available to Ship:
3 Business Days

Inverters / VFD

  • Simple, Easy-to-Use
  • On-Board Auto Tuning with Free Software
  • Advanced Functions Available
  • For use with Three-Phase AC Motors
Starting from

Linear Motion with an AC Motor

  • Linear heads available to provide linear motion for AC motors
Linear Head
$27300 + Motor

Torque Control AC Motor

  • Easily control the torque of an AC torque motor
Torque Controller
$104.55 + Motor

*Some models ship within 5 Business Days. Check with your local sales office or call 1-800-418-7903 for specific lead times.

Easy Operation

AC motors and gear motors include single-phase motors used with a single-phase AC power supply and three-phase motors used with a three-phase AC power supply. A single-phase motor can be operated by simply connecting it to a single-phase power supply via the supplied capacitor. A three-phase motor does not require a capacitor. All you need is to connect the motor directly to a three-phase AC power supply.

The Power Supply Frequency Determines the Speed

The basic speed (synchronous speed) of a standard AC motor is determined by the power supply frequency and the number of poles. Many of our standard AC motors have four poles, so their synchronous speed is as follows:

  • 50 Hz: 1500 r/min
  • 60 Hz: 1800 r/min

The actual speed varies according to the load torque.

With our motors, the speed roughly falls within the following ranges at a load torque equivalent to the rated torque:

  • 50 Hz: 1200 to 1300 r/min
  • 60 Hz: 1450 to 1600 r/min

The rated speed of our standard AC motors are set within the above ranges and shown in each motor's specifications. To calculate a more accurate machine speed, use the rated speed as a reference.

The power supply frequency varies from region to region. In the case of automated equipment used in different regions, change the gear ratio of the gearhead or take the appropriate measure to obtain the desired speed.


AC Induction Motors & Gear Motors

These motors can be easily operated from an AC power supply. Single-phase and three-phase motors are available.

AC Induction Motors & Gear Motors


AC Reversible Motors & Gear Motors

Generating a greater starting torque and having a built-in friction brake, these single-phase AC motors allow for instantaneous switching of rotation direction.

AC Reversible Motors & Gear Motors

Electromagnetic Brake AC Motors & Gear Motors

These AC motors adopt a power off activated type electromagnetic brake to hold the load in position when the power is cut off.

Electromagnetic Brake AC Motors & Gear Motors

Watertight, Dust-Resistant AC Induction Motors & Gear Motors

Geared AC motors of excellent watertight, dust-resistant structure. These AC motors conform to the IEC standard IP67.

Watertight AC Induction Motors

Low-Speed Synchronous AC Motors

Uses the same stator and rotor as stepping motors. The motor offers superb starting, stopping and reversing characteristics as well as synchronous operation.

Low-Speed Synchronous Motors

Clutch & Brake AC Motors

Equipped with an electromagnetic clutch and brake at the motor output shaft. High frequency starting and stopping is possible while the motor is operating.

Clutch & Brake AC Motors

AC Torque Motors

A special rotor is used to provide large starting torque and sloping characteristics (torque is highest at zero speed and decreases steadily with increasing speed). The torque can be changed by changing the applied voltage.

AC Torque Motors

AC Speed Control Motors

AC speed control motors employ a closed-loop control system by utilizing feedback from the built-in tachogenerator.

Speed Control AC Motors

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