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Motor Application - Pushing Applications

Linear - Pushing Applications

Oriental Motor's AC motor, stepper motors or servo motors can be used to drive a ball screw and create a linear pushing mechanism. AC motors provide simple operation and fixed speed, while stepper motors and servo motors offer more control and precise positioning.

Oriental Motor also offers a number of linear motion products such as compact linear actuators and linear cylinders and slides which include the motor and linear motion components in an all-in-one product.

For system solutions requiring connection to an upper level controller, PLC or HMI, Oriental Motor offers several networked products to allow for easy control using I/O or RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) networks. Our AC & brushless DC motor speed control systems also simply and easily connect to upper level controls.

Applicable Products

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AC Motors & Gearmotors

For simple, fixed speed operation Oriental Motor offers a wide range of AC motors.

AC reversible motors are ideal for applications that must reverse or change directions repeatedly. The low-speed synchronous motor for frequent starting, stopping and reversing.



Output Power

Power Supply

World K Series

AC Reversible Motors are suitable for applications where the motor reverses its direction repeatedly.

1 W (1/750 HP)
up to
90 W (1/8 HP)
Single-Phase 100-115 VAC
Single-Phase 200-230 VAC
Round Shaft (No Gear)

Low-Speed Synchronous Motors are suitable for applications where the motor is operated starting, stopping and reversing repeatedly and the motor is operated at synchronous speed regardless of load torque.

1.65 in. (42 mm)
up to
3.35 in. (85 mm)
Single-Phase 100-115 VAC
Stepper Motors and Servo Motors

For applications that require higher accuracy positioning Oriental Motor offers a wide range of Stepper Motor and Servo Motor solutions. Stepper motors, with their ability to product high torque at a low speed while minimizing vibration, are ideal for applications requiring quick positioning over a short distance. Servo motors are easy to operate and allow for smooth operation with large inertial loads and belt mechanisms. Servo motors are ideal for positioning over long distances using a flat torque characteristic from low to high speeds.



Stepper Motor

Stepper Motors are suitable for high accuracy positioning over a short distance and provide high torque even at low speeds. Stepper motors also offer very low vibration and a wide range of features and options such as gearheads, encoders and built-in controllers to meet the specific needs of your application.

Servo Motor

Servo Motors provide accurate positioning for quick moves or for a long distance moves. All feature a closed loop configuration ideal for variable loads and offer a wide range of gear options and braking or load holding options. The built-in controller (stored data) FLEX also helps for system configuration considerations.

A wide range of gearing options are available to provide higher resolution positioning and higher torque.

Geared Stepper Motors

Geared Servo Motors

Geared Stepper Motors

Geared stepper motors not only achieve deceleration, high torque and high resolution, but they also offer improved damping characteristics at Start and Stop ensuring stable operation even during quick positioning movements.

A wide range of gearing options are available:
Spur, Taper Hobbed, Planetary and Harmonic gearheads.

Geared Servo Motors

These servo motors incorporate a gearhead with reduced backlash to make the most of the high controllability of the servo motors. The gearhead ensures high accurate, smooth operation even in applications where a large load torque is received.

Linear Actuators

When automated equipment is designed, various factors must be taken into consideration including the production line layout, installation environment, ease of maintenance, configuration of electrical wiring and control system, and so on. This means many man-hours are needed to select the motor and other mechanical components and create a parts list, drawings, operating manuals, and the like. Use of linear actuators can reduce this time.

The linear actuators are equipped with a stepper motor offering excellent controllability providing them advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators:

  • The linear actuator is very stable when operated, even at low speeds. It also offers smooth acceleration and deceleration operation.
  • Motions can be programmed with multiple stopping points.
  • With a linear actuator using a stepper motor, adjustment of position and speed can be performed easily using data. Setup change is also simple, all you need to do is change the data.



Compact Linear Actuators

Compact linear actuators feature a stepper motor is integrated with a ball screw. An ideal actuator for pushing and pulling small loads or find-tuning applications.



Linear actuators - cylinders feature a stepper motor integrated with a linear motion mechanism, which makes the actuator ideal for pushing and pulling a load.


Linear Slides

Linear Actuators - Linear Slides integrate a motor with a linear motion mechanism, which makes the actuator odeal for transferring loads.

Linear Slides


Networked - I/ O, RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) and Factory Automation Conveyor Belt Systems

Oriental Motor offers Network products under the FLEX concept, meaning each product is equipped with an interface that connects to various master controllers featuring I/O, RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) or Factory Automation. Networked products enable operating data and parameters for each motor to be set at a Master Controller and sent to each driver. In addition, operation commands can be input send set using various communication methods to meet the need of a wide range of available Network Solutions.

Available Network Solutions

1. I/O - Allows the driver to be connected directly to a controller or PLC to configure the operating system with I/O.

2. RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) - Operating data and parameters can be set and operation commands can be input using RS-485 communication. Up to 31 drivers can be connected to each serial communication module. Also there is a function that enables the simultaneous start of multiple axes. The protocol supports Modbus (RTU), enable connection with devices such as a touch screen (HMI) or PCs.

3. Factory Automation Network - Use of a network converter (sold separately) enables support with CC-Link, MECHATROLINK or EtherCAT communication. Operating data and parameters can be set and operation commands can be input using various communication methods.

Diagram 1

For Connecting to Factory Automation (FA) Networks

Network Converter

The communication protocol of the master controller, Factory Automation (FA) network, is converted to Oriental Motor's own RS-485 communication protocol. Connection to FLEX-compatible products is completed with one RS-485 communication cable.

  • Compatible Networks:
    • CC-Link
    • EtherCat


For more information on this or a related application call 1-800-GO-VEXTA (1-800-468-3982) or visit our online Motor Sizing Tools section.


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