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Clutch & Brake Motors

Clutch & Brake Motors

Clutch & Brake Motors

This compact, precision AC motor is equipped with an internal clutch and brake mechanism for use with a gearhead. This combination makes it the ideal motor for applications involving frequent START/STOP operation, positioning, indexing, jogging and incremental feeding. CB motors have a 3.54 in. (90 mm) frame size and come in output powers of 40, 60, 90 W (1/19, 1/12 and 1/8 HP).

  • Parallel Shaft Gear
  • Single-Phase 110/115 VAC

Clutch & Brake Motor Lineup

Output Power

Gear Type

Power Supply

Holding Brake Torque

Motor Speed

40 W Clutch & Brake Motor

40 W (1/19 HP) Clutch & Brake Motor

Parallel Shaft Gear

Single-Phase 110/115 VAC

210 oz-in

1.5 N·m

1500 r/min (60 Hz)

60 W Clutch & Brake Motor

60 W (1/12 HP) Clutch & Brake Motor

Parallel Shaft Gear

Single-Phase 110/115 VAC

90 W Clutch & Brake Motor

90 W (1/8 HP) Clutch & Brake Motor

Parallel Shaft Gear

Single-Phase 110/115 VAC

*Torque and Speed vary based on input voltage and frequency, please review product specifications for details.


Clutch & Brake Motors

Characteristics of CB Motors

The CB motor is designed so that it runs continuously. This gives the advantage of quicker response time and higher torque in order to move the load.

Output shaft rotation is controlled through the use of the clutch and brake mechanism. The load is stopped by disengaging the clutch and applying the brake. The motor is always affected by the rotor inertia. However, with a clutch and brake unit, the load is not affected by the rotor inertia.

For these reasons, CB motors boast superior response over other AC standard motors, starting and stopping in considerably less time.

To meet high-frequency, starting and stopping applications, Oriental Motor uses an induction motor for its continuous duty rating. An induction motor is best suited for uni-directional movements. The CB motor is not suitable for frequent bi-directional starting and stopping motion.

Suitable for High-Frequency Operation

The combination of a constantly rotating induction motor and a clutch and brake unit enables high-frequency starting and stopping.

Compact and Easy to Handle

The compact design simplifies handling and enables the drive unit of the machine to be mounted in a small area.

Highly Reliable Gearhead Employed

GC-type and GCH-type gearheads are specifically designed for the CB motors and boast excellent impact resistance, greater strength and high reliability.

Flexible Couplings

These products are clamp type couplings used to connect a motor or gearhead shaft to the shaft of the equipment.

Capacitor Connector Lead Wires (5 Sets)

Capacitor Lead Wire Set

Lead wire set for AC motor capacitors.

  • 5 sets¬†1 part number = 5 sets (10 lead wires).¬† 5 White / 5 Red
  • Be sure to use capacitor cover

System Configuration

System Configuration

CAD / Manual Search

To locate product CAD and Operator Manuals please search using the product Item Number.



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