Quality and delivery are the most important aspects of Oriental Motor's manufacturing processes. Oriental Motor prides itself on offering the highest quality products with the best possible delivery times. It all begins with Oriental Motor's manufacturing process. Oriental Motor manufactures all of its products under strict quality standards at plants within Japan and the United States.

Quality is Built-In


Oriental Motor operates in a Just-in-time and a Lean Manufacturing environment.  Quality is built-in to the product throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is achieved by utilizing the One-Piece Flow System on our Flexible U-line work cells wherein all necessary equipment are positioned in the sequence in which it is used.  In the simplest of terms, one-piece flow means that each motor is carefully built one-piece-at-a-time allowing it to be thoroughly inspected and tested, thus, quality defects are easily detected and contained. Additionally, defect prevention is also the direct result of the continuous error proofing of our processes.

Product Testing

Every Oriental Motor product undergoes reliability testing before they are released to the market. These test subject the product to the harshest of operating conditions and intentional misuse to discover the limits of their durability.

2 Year Warranty

Oriental Motor stands behind every product with a 2 Year Warranty. Visit our warranty section for complete details.

Order Fulfillment


Oriental Motor’s robust customer order processing guarantees the correct product, order quantity, and lead times based on your requirements.  Order accuracy is achieved through a series of quality checks throughout the entire order fulfillment process.  Other special needs such as customized bar-coding, labeling, packaging can be arranged to meet your needs.

Quality is Built In

Fast Delivery

Oriental Motor is highly committed to consistently ship your order(s) on-time every time. Our manufacturing processes support our fast delivery and short lead times to allow us to support your needs. Our Just-In-Time production system allows the manufacturing of an order with little notice, in any quantity requested. Additionally, our one-by-one process allows us to manufacture one product as easily as one thousand. Over 1,200 of our products are available to ship in 3 to 9 business days (for orders placed before 12pm PST). Your order is shipped using only reputable carriers or any carrier of your choice to ensure the on-time and damage free-delivery.  

Custom Products

Oriental Motor offers a variety of special product customization based on your applications.  Our sales engineers can closely work with you in determining the type of product customization that you may need.  Our dynamic Special Product Engineering offers a quick turn-around for prototypes with one of the most competitive lead times in the industry.

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