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NEW Mounting Bracket for the AZ Series mini Driver

Simplifies the Creation of Your Own Integrated Step-Servo Motor-Driver Solution

NEW Mounting Bracket for the AZ Series mini Driver

The AZ Series mini Driver supports many standard field network protocol, including EtherCAT, EtherNet I/P, PROFINET and Modbus. The new mounting bracket for the AZ Series mini Driver simplifies building your own integrated step-servo motor and driver system. The mounting bracket lets you attach an AZ Series mini driver (not including AZD-KR2D) to the side of an AZ Series connector-type motor. You can install the driver near the AZ Series motor to save wiring and space. Or you can install it integrated with the motor like a combined motor/driver unit.

Watch this brief instructional video to see how straightforward it is to assemble your own integrated step-server motor and driver setup:

 Product Features:

  • Simple installation
  • Install mini driver directly on the motor
  • Clean and easy wiring with one cable

Applicable Products and Compatibility Notes:

  • AZ mini drivers, except for the AZD-KR2D RS-485 communication type
  • For compatibility, the motor must be a 42 mm or 60 mm frame size Connector Type. The FC Gear Type motors will not work with this mounting bracket
  • If the shortest cable, 0.2 m, is used, connect it via the "Opposite to Output Shaft Direction" orientation. Please note the minimum bending radius of the connection cables is 25 mm

Bracket Price: $60.00

To learn more about the new AZ Series mini Driver mounting bracket, you can contact the Technical Support group at 800-468-3982, email, or learn more at the product web page:


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