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Speed Control: Brushless DC Motors

Stable at both low and high speed, brushless DC motors are highly efficient, maintenance free and offer a wide selection for all types of speed control applications including conveyors, AGVs or other applications with changing loads where maintaining a constant speed is important.

Brushless DC Motors Family

Wide range of products available

Brushless DC Motors


Contributes to Carbon Neutral Efforts

  • Save Energy
  • Smaller, lighter
  • More efficient than AC Motors
    *compared to 60 Watt Induction Motor


Motor control via network communication can detect the status of the motor directly by data. This results in a shorter development period and increased reliability and maintainability of the equipment.



Modbus RTU

Brushless DC Motor Speed Control Demo

The BLE2 and BMU Series brushless DC motor speed control systems both use the same motor. The underlying differences are in the drivers. Here, our Engineering Manager, Bryan, demonstrates the key differences between the two unique speed control systems.


7-Axis Robot Demo

This 7-axis articulated robot demonstration exclusively utilizes the AZ Series family of motors and actuators, and is driven by Oriental Motor's new AZ Series compact driver.


About Us

Oriental Motor offers an extensive product line-up of about 50,000 different products that provide the optimal motion system. Oriental Motor's sales and service network is international, with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

IP67 Rated Motors

Improved Anti-Corrosion Properties

IP67 rated motors are designed for many industries where a higher ingress protection is required. These industries include food, agriculture, and material handling.

Conform to Major Safety Standards and Global Power Supply Voltages

High corrosion resistance is achieved through special anti-corrosive coating
examination of shaft material [stainless steel (SUS303 type)]. Oriental Motor's IP67 rated motors are recognized by UL and CSA, and certified under the China Compulsory Certification System (CCC System). CE Marking is used in accordance with Low Voltage Directive. Additionally, our wide range of products
include those that meet the power supply voltages of major countries in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Brushless DC Motors

The BLE2 and BMU Series Brushless DC Motors offer 200 W -400 W connector type motors that are IP67 rated. H1 Food-Grade Grease-Compatible gearheads are also available.


AC Motors

The FPW Series are washdown AC induction gear motors ideal for applications where they are splashed with water. Each washdown motor and gearhead comes pre-assembled with gear ratios from 3:1 to 180:1. Output power is available from 25 W - 90 W.


Delta Robot Demo

A compact and lightweight parallel Delta robot that uses AlphaStep AZ Series line of product: 3 AZ Series with harmonic gear stepper motors and 1 EtherCAT compatible multi-axis driver.


Gripper Demo

This Gripper video demonstrates the squeezing capability, powered by Oriental Motor's AlphaStep Hybrid Control Systems AZ Series.

X-Y Actuator Pick and Place Demo

This demonstrates a pick and place application using three different products: Rotary actuator (DGII Series), compact linear actuator (DRS2 Series) and linear slides (EAS and EZS Series).



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Contributes to Carbon Neutrality

IE4-equivalent, High-efficiency, Energy-saving Motor

  • Can reduce CO2 Emissions by 37%
  • 200W greater efficiency by 86%*
  • Compact & Powerful
    *compared to Three-Phase Induciton Motor


Standard AC Motors

World K Series

For packaging and conveyor belt applications, Oriental Motor offers a wide range of motor options. For fixed or constant speed applications, AC motors & gear motors are well suited

Axial Fans

Axial Fans

Axial fans use a propeller to generate airflow in the direction of the axis of rotation.

  • AC or DC Input
  • Alarm Options
  • Long-Life Models (100,000 hours)
  • Thermostats & Other Accessories Available
  • Max. Air Flow up to 883 CFM (25 m3/min)

Centrifugal Fans / Blowers

Centrifugal Fans / Blowers

Centrifugal fans / blowers provide directional air flow by maximizing static pressure, making them optimal for spot cooling and for air flow through a duct.

  • AC or DC Input
  • Alarm Options
  • Thermostats & Other Accessories Available
  • Max Air Flow up to 318 CFM (9 m3/min)



Cross Flow Fans

Cross Flow Fans

Cross Flow Fans deliver wide, uniform air flow. These fans provide right-angle air flow and a rectangular shape, allowing for installation in corners and space saving. Cross Flow Fans are suitable for cooling circuit boards or other applications requiring wide and uniform air flow such as air curtains.

  • AC or DC Input
  • Alarm Options
  • Thermostats & Other Accessories Available
  • Max. Air Flow up to 240 CFM (6.8 m3/min)

αSTEP AZ Series, Compact Driver with RS-485 Communication


The Compact Driver is designed to be close to the motor with direct connection, making it ideal for robotic type applications. The elimination of switches and I/O connectors allows for a compact and lightweight design. A daisy-chain connection of multiple drivers to the host and power supply is supported.


Brushless DC Motors for AGV / AMR

Brushless motors offer a more compact design, better heat dissipation, battery-friendly, and wide speed range for use with AGV/ AMRs.

BLV Series R Type Brushless DC Motors

BLV Series R Type

100 W (1/8 HP) ~ 200 W (1/4 HP)


BLH Series Brushless DC Motors

15 W (1/50 HP) ~ 100 W (1/8 HP)

Analog or Digital

BLV Series Brushless DC Motors

100 W (1/8 HP) ~ 400 W (1/2 HP)

FPW Series IP67 Rated AC Gear Motors

The FPW Series are washdown AC induction gear motors ideal for applications where they are splashed with water. All FPW Series washdown AC motors conform to the IEC standard IP67 (Recognized by UL). Each washdown motor and gearhead comes pre-assembled with gear ratios from 3:1 to 180:1.

Output power is available from 25 W (1/30 HP), 40 W (1/19 HP), 60 W (1/12 HP) up to 90 W (1/8 HP) models.

  • Parallel Shaft Gear Motors
  • Single-Phase or Three-Phase
  • IP67 Rated

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High Torque PKP Series Stepper Motors

High-torque, 2-phase bipolar stepper motors and geared type stepper motors offer the optimum performance and value. In addition to offering high torque, the PKP series stepper motors offer more variety of electrical specifications, more frame sizes, encoder options and electromagnetic brake options for the right solution in stepper motors.

PKP Series High Resolution Type

PKP Series Encoder Type

PKP Series with Electromagnetic Brake Type

PKP Series Flat Type

CVD Stepper Motor Drivers

The CVD stepper motor drivers offer:

  • Lowest Vibration and Noise with advanced Microstepping control
  • Highest torque with Bipolar configuration (4 lead wire)
  • Small, thin microstepping drive with space saving FETs
  • Selectable step angle and microstepping filter control
  • 2 mounting types and connector configurations
  • Alarms
  • 24 VDC Input / 0.5A to 4.5A

αSTEP AZ Series Family

The AZ Series is Advanced Technology at Affordable Prices

  • Mechanical-Type Encoder (No Battery Required)
  • Multiple-Rotation Absolute System, with ±900 rotations (1800 rotations) of the motor shaft from the home position.
  • Simple Home Setting Method
  • No sensors required (can eliminate some sensors)
  • Simple Wiring
  • Motor and Driver Monitoring and more

AZ Series offers increased torque vs servo motors for quick moves. No need for tuning.  The hybrid control system constantly monitors the motors position allowing for the benefits of "open loop" control while providing the assurance of "closed loop " performance.

Characteristics of Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC motors from Oriental Motor can achieve up to 5159 lb-in of torque when combined with a standard geared option. Their space saving design contributes to a compact and powerful solution ranging from 15 W up to 400 W. Their flat torque characteristics can produce the same rated torque at wide speed range.

Brushless DC Motors

  • BLH - 24 VDC, Digital Input, Modbus RS-485
  • BLV R Type - 24/48 VDC, Battery Input, CANOpen / Modbus RS-485
  • BLV - 48 VDC, Modbus RS-485
  • BMU - 110/230 VAC, Simple Control
  • BLE2 - 110/230 VAC, Simple or I/O Control

EtherNet/IP Products

EtherCAT Products




Modbus RTU Products


BLH Series Brushless DC Motors

BLH Series Driver Key Features

Compact, lightweight drivers that are smaller than a business card.

Full Range of Driver Functions

  • Instantaneous stop
  • Speed control via potentiometer
  • Speed control by by DC voltage
  • Speed control by MEXE02 support software (RS-485 or Digital type)
  • Acceleration/deceleration time setting
  • Load holding function (RS-485 or Digital type)
  • Alarm output


BLV Series Brushless DC Motors

BLV Series Advantage

Can be Battery-Operated

A wide operating voltage range that can handle voltage fluctuations, even if the voltage drops

Can be Driven even if the Battery Voltage Drops

The maximum motor speed of the BLV Series brushless DC motor is 4,000 r/min. The speed control range has also expanded to cover velocities from 100 to 4,000 r/min (speed ratio of 50:1 measured at the motor shaft), thus allowing you to program operations at various speeds from low to high.


BLV Series R Type Brushless DC Motors

BLV Series R Type

New High Resolution Motors

Improved Speed Regulation ±0.01%

More Accurate Positioning is Possible.

Compact Driver

Compact Driver

Compatible with Modbus (RTU) and CANopen Communication



BMU Series Brushless DC Motors

    BMU Series, Brushless DC Driver

  • Motor start/stop*
  • Adjusting the operating speed*
  • Setting the operating speed*
  • Selecting the rotation direction*
  • Changing the indication
  • Indicating the operating speed when the speed reduction/speed increasing ratio is set
  • Setting the acceleration/deceleration time
  • Dial operation lock
  • Speed setting for the 4-speed operation
  • Speed limits setting
  • Validating the external operating signals
  • External input/output signal allocation
  • Setting the overload alarm detection time, except during axial lock
  • Load holding function for output shaft

  • *Setting is possible even if the front panel is attached.


BLE2 Series Brushless DC Motors

BLE2 Brushless Motor Control Options

The driver is equipped with four methods of data setting and various functions that correspond with your purpose of use. By using data setting software, equipment start-up and checking operating status is simple. Functions are provided in accordance with customers' usage conditions.