Technical Articles / White Papers

In order for Oriental Motor to be a world leader in motion systems for the last century, we have concentrated on technological advancement and product design improvement. The technical articles available here describe the ideas, concepts, methods and results of some of the research activities undertaken by the Engineers in our factories and R&D Center.

Linear Actuator Technical Articles / White Papers

A linear actuator incorporating a motor and linear-motion mechanism. Drawing on our expertise as a motor manufacturer, Oriental Motor offers a wide range of linear motion products in various shapes and sizes, featuring different motor types, drive methods and power inputs.

  • Motorized Linear Slide Glossary of Terms
  • Motorized Cylinder Glossary of Terms
  • Method for Calculating Moment Loads on Linear Actuators - An electric linear actuator is a combination product consisting of a linear mechanism and an electric motor, and when pre-assembled offers an easier design, shorter installation time, and high quality. While the actuator is operating, moment loads occur due to not only gravity, but also because of acceleration and deceleration of the load. Because moment loads can damage actuators, confirming that they are within specification is critical. However, calculating moment loads on linear actuators can be complicated and time consuming. This paper describes a method for calculating moment loads in a simple way and makes actuator selection easier.
  • Features and Functions of the EH Series Electric Gripper - The EH Series electric grippers use a rack and pinion on the gripping mechanism and an AZ motor as the drive motor, giving this product the advantage of having gripping force that is easy to adjust.
  • Structure and Positioning of the DR Series - Oriental Motor’s DR Series electric cylinders combine a motor and ball screw into an integrated assembly to create a compact and highly accurate positioning device
  • Features of the “High Rigidity Type” DGII Series Hollow Rotary Actuator The DGII Series hollow rotary actuator was developed for positioning applications such as rotating a table and swiveling an arm. The DGII actuator has been installed in equipment for the manufacture of semiconductors, electronic parts, and inspection equipment because of its ability to simplify wiring and piping requirements by utilizing the compact, hollow output table.
  • Industrial Network Communications - FLEX products In order to meet various requirements, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and motors/drivers in equipment have been connected in numerous ways, such as pulse train, digital I/O, and fieldbus networks. We have developed products that can be connected to multiple industrial networks. They can be connected to an I/O device and Modbus RTU network. They can also be connected to other field bus networks through a Network Converter (our gateway product). The products can be flexibly connected to a host PLC and it allow customers to select a system depending on their needs. We call this concept FLEX. Since some of the FLEX products have a positioning function, positioning units of host PLCs can be omitted and costs of equipment can be reduced. The FLEX products allow customers to reduce costs and time of developing equipment by using each merit of industrial networks.
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