Mounting Bracket for AZ mini Driver

Mounting Bracket for AZ mini Driver

mounting brackets for az mini driver

Mounting Bracket for AZ mini Driver

This is a mounting bracket that allows you to attach an AZ Series mini driver (excluding AZD-KR2D) to the side of an AZ Series connector type motor. The driver can be installed near the AZ Series motor to save wiring and space, or it can be installed in the style of an integrated motor/driver.

  • Driver compatible with DC input type AZ Series Connector type motors only
  • Use with 42mm or 60mm, connector type round shaft or geared type AZ series motors
    *Excludes FC type right angle geared type
  • 0.2m connection cable recommended*

Install mini Driver Directly on Motor

Install driver directly on motor to save wiring and space.

mini driver bracketmini driver bracket

Easy Installation

The mounting bracket can be used by simply clamping it onto the motor part and tightening the screws at two points.

mounting bracket az mini driver install

Clean and Easy Wiring with One Cable Length: 0.2 m and Longer

Wiring between the driver and motor can be performed easily with a single connection cable (length 0.2m or more), making cable routing easier while saving space.
bending radius connection cable

AZ Series mini Driver Network Compatible

azd-kred az series mini driver

*Excluding RS-485 communication type AZD-KR2D

The AZ Series mini Driver works with a variety of αSTEP AZ Series, DC input products. This driver can be controlled by using EtherCAT drive profile, be daisy chained to maximize design and space, and improve installation time. The mini Driver is also designed to be close to the motor, making it ideal for Robotic type applications. The elimination of switches and I/O connectors allows for a compact and lightweight design. The mini Driver utilizes the MEXE02 Support Software, which is available for free download.

AZ Series Stepper Motors

az stepper motor with connector

The AZ Series stepper motor with DC input offers closed loop control, substantially reduces heat generation from the motor and by incorporating the newly developed Mechanical Absolute Encoder, absolute-type positioning is available, without battery back-up or external sensors to buy. Requires αSTEP AZ Series Driver.

AZ mini Driver Connection Cable

connection cable

Connection Cable for AZ mini Driver to AZ Connector Type Motor.

*Recommended length 0.2 m

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